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Nexus Systems, Inc.


Nexus Systems began as a cooperative endeavor to provide shared Internet Access in a small group of school districts in northeast Louisiana. What started as a mission to further the quality of education through better access to technology continues as a mission to provide our rural institutions and neighbors the best available access to communications networks and services.

Founded by former education administrators, the organization was purpose-built to fill the critical need for Internet connectivity in north Louisiana. Through efforts to connect our students and teachers, our communities have benefited greatly in the form of a new level of connectedness.

In 2004, Waterproof, LA became the site of a USDA project to bring high-speed Internet access to the Tensas Parish community. Nexus Systems delivered Internet access through a tower-based wireless network at a rate of more than 3 Mbps each to this rural community of less than 500. This access was nearly 100 times faster than that of the average rural Louisiana resident.

Since then, Nexus Systems has continued to link its customers in the region with a vast self-healing hybrid network, including several hundred miles of wireless links and a fiber optic backbone stretching well over 200 miles across the area.

Today you will find Nexus connections spanning our home region in banking, healthcare, government, and educational institutions, as well as a wide array of professional offices and small businesses.

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